Did you know??? The Original Mozart was BLACK.

Joseph Boulogne, Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges (Le Mozart Noir), was born on Christmas day 1745 in Guadeloupe. As the son of a slave mistress  and a French colonialist he overcame many prejudices and issues with class and race  to become renowned as a composer, a violinist, a fencer, and a revolutionary. His compositions inspired HAYDN, BEETHOVEN, and of course MOZART and he led many of the top orchestras in FRANCE. Besides all his musical talents, he was also a GENERAL who led an army of 1000 black solders in the FRENCH REVOLUTION. “He turned PARIS into the mecca of symphony.” LE MOZART NOIR (the black Mozart) is GOOD MUZIK101.

To find more on Saint-Georges, click the picture, or google him, or….. read a book. peace.

* on a personal side note, funny how he inspired Mozart but he’s the BLACK one. I would think Mozart is the WHITE Saint-Georges……. I’m jusssss sayn’.*


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  1. Makell Bird · July 6, 2011

    France as a country has been very supportive and loving toward black people in general. They also supported Black Jazz players when they couldn’t get gigs in the U.S. during segregated times. Any major black Jazz musician probably had a show or album released in Paris, France. One of the reasons I’m glad 1/8 French.

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