Snoop Dogg Cosigns Prop 19 – VOTE NOVEMBER 2ND!!

Just a word from the BOSS DOGG about Cali’s Prop 19. Make sure to get out and vote on Nov. 2nd!



80-minute DISCO set from Madlib, the 10th of the MADLIB Medicine Show series. CD contains a 12-page booklet with some previously undisclosed listener warnings about the Medicine Show series….. for more on MADLIB go to

The Higher Concept – “What Makes You Different?” video

THC dropped a new video from their album “LIFE’S GOOD” these guys keep coming back with fresh new videos to compliment their already good muzik… Check out the video and ask yourself “WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT?”

Make sure you get the Limited Edition of “Life’s Good” available on iTunes NOW!

Each album comes with 5 bonus tracks, the complete “Life’s Good” lyrics set, all the artwork (photography by Evan Brockett) and MORE!

Cale Sampson – Never Had A Choice ( Music Video )

I was just watching some videos on YouTube and came across CALE SAMPSON’s page. After checking out a few of his tracks, I think his muzik pretty nice, real down to earth honest sound, which is running low in hip hop these days. After you watch “NEVER HAD A CHOICE” Check out more of his videos at ( You gotta peep “THE FACTS OF WAR” ) and go to  for more on CALE SAMPSON.