NAS on ESPN’s E:60 – Liberian Amputee Soccer Team

On Tuesday May 4th ESPN’s E:60 presents the story of the Liberian Amputee Soccer Team, featuring narration and music by Nas…. Everyone should tune into this one. Peace.



Since GURU’s death and the surfacing interviews with his friends family and associates more and more people are coming to the conclusion that Solar is full of sh*t… So with that said a new web site has poped up dedicated to “documenting Solar’s downfall”… F**k has up to date news videos and tweets all aimed at the “superproducer”. (lol) Anyone who is a fan of GURU GangStarr and just real hip hop mite find f** intresting,or at least funny as hell… click the pic and check it out for yourself. peace.

Kokane On The Back Streets (hosted by DJ Crazy Toones)

Kokane aka Mr. Kane, one of the best in the west is back with his new mixtape On The Back Streets. Dj Crazy Toones hosts the mixtape which includes 19 tracks with guest apperances from Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Above The Law and more. The mixtape also includes the first single “Twilightzone” from his up-coming album GIMMIE ALL MINE due out in June.
click the pic to download ON THE BACK STREETS, and shout out to peace.

Cop caught smoking weed….. in uniform!

Dallas TX
Ok, so someone turns in 86 grams of the “stickest of the icky” to this officer, he was SUPPOSED to take it to the station, and file a report…..Instead, he kept it and blazed up; the only problem was the “someone” who gave him the pot was an undercover officer! So when ex-officer Lamb didn’t turn in the evidence his home and personal vehichle was searched, where they found the marijuana (what was left of it) and ex-officer Wesley Lamb was soon charged and terminated.